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Who we are?

We are lawyers specialized in criminal, labor, commercial, administrative and civil law, with more than 18 years of national and international experience in solving a wide range of legal issues.

Public health, licenses, occupational accidents, sanctions, civil liability and patrimonial responsibility of the Administration, compose our daily work fields, with results that lead the sector at the state level.

All the work carried out for more than 18 years is directed by Héctor Brotons Albert, Esther C. Sánchez Sánchez and Joan Bertomeu i Castelló, within a project that is committed to a drug policy respecting human rights.

More than 18 years of experience

Multidisciplinary team

The study has 5 offices: Pinoso, Alicante, Valencia, Yecla and Elda, as well as 11 collaborating offices including Madrid and Barcelona, ​​reaching out to be able to serve the entire geography of the State.

We are a team made up of twelve lawyers and four administrative, apart from the collaborators, where in addition to graduates in Law, we have, with a criminologist, a political scientist, six masters in law and a master in Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice, all this in order to solve the problems raised in the different fields in which we work.

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Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds

Since we started our journey, we have always kept in mind the need for active cooperation from civil society platforms, universities and the Administration in the implementation of public policies and legal advice. Likewise, it collaborates with companies and organizations from different sectors, helping to create a fertile and responsible industry.

The Law Firm collaborates with a multitude of associate lawyers, companies, groups, organizations and institutions related to the cannabis sector in all its aspects, throughout the national territory.

Since 2003

We are a law firm that has worked since 2003 on all kinds of issues related to cannabis, within the specialty of public health and drug policy, advising companies and political parties on new reforms in this matter.

We have everything necessary for the development of the cannabis sector: cultivation licenses, opening licenses, sale of hemp-derived products, on-line services, seed banks, risk prevention, tax advice, related web development, etc.

Each matter that you entrust to us will be carried out by our lawyers with the efficiency and diligence that characterizes us because at BROTSANBERT we know how, where and when to help you.


We have a long career in advising cannabis user associations, distributors, grow shops and seed banks. For years we have implemented crime prevention compliance plans and action protocols related to these issues. More than 200 companies in the sector have been advised with us. In all this time we can count on some 250 associations constituted by us directly and periodic advice to between 60-70 associations throughout the country. In addition, we have advised on the registration of four federations of cannabis user associations in different autonomies. Likewise, we carry out monthly publications in two of the three specialized written publications in the sector, with a presence throughout the country, as well as other digital publications, in the general press, as well as in the scientific field.

To our experience in the associative and activist world, we must also add a long history of advising companies in the cannabis sector, specifically companies dedicated to industrial hemp, cannabis seeds, and work in licensing processes of psychoactive cannabis cultivation. In these areas we have continuous advice from agronomists, biologists and chemists specializing in cannabis.

Justice is not only for a few: we believe in global justice and without social classes

Likewise, we have extensive experience in criminal proceedings for crimes against public health, with a percentage close to 85% of acquittals in defense of associations and in proceedings for crops for own consumption. We do not have any imprisonment for cannabis cultivation, after a criminal conviction. In total, since the beginning of our journey, we will have provided our services to approximately one thousand five hundred investigated, between individuals and associations.

Around 1500 cases with a percentage of acquittals of 85% and no admission to prison for cultivation.


Multidisciplinary team

We have a great team of specialized experts with more than 18 years of national and international experience.

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Multiple Services

At BROTSANBERT we want to help you and for this, we offer various services, including the possibility of appealing fines online.

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Main cities

We have seven law firms located in Pinoso, Alicante, Valencia and Barcelona among other places.

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