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Cannabis is one of the most persecuted plants of the planet today, especially in light of the changing legislation surrounding its legalization both at European and international level. It is a plant with an extensive history. Over time and For more than 5,000 years, it has been used for different purposes , ranging from its use for the manufacture of textiles, recreational or recreational use, to its use in the treatment of diseases, with conclusive evidence to affirm that cannabinoids are effective in the treatment of numerous pathologies, as well as to alleviate chronic pain in adults.

In the current international drug policy system, its fundamental basis is found in the Conventions established by the United Nations, based on a prohibitionist and punitive approach. Paradoxically, the prohibitionist paradigm favors the development of illicit drug markets , regulated only by organized crime. However, more and more, the number of proposals, initiatives and countries that are considering or allowing the legal regulation of cannabis is growing , both for scientific, medical, industrial and recreational use, as a mechanism to counteract the great costs that prohibitionist policies have had until now.



Due to our accumulated experience in the associative and activist world, at Brotsanbert we resort, from the rigor and professionalism, to administrative sanctions for consumption or possession of cannabis, since we understand that the vast majority of them are unfair and disproportionate, and they go in against the rights and public and individual freedoms guaranteed by the Spanish Constitution.


At the Firm we have extensive and continuous experience in the constitution and counseling of cannabis user associations. For years, we have implemented crime prevention compliance plans and action protocols for more than 250 cannabis associations and cannabis social clubs. in all Spain.



We have everything necessary to make undertaking in the cannabis sector feasible and safe: licenses for cultivation, opening licenses, sale of hemp-derived products, on-line services, seed banks, risk prevention, tax advice, etc. .

Activist side

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In Spain, the consumption of cannabis is not punished, although if it is carried out in public spaces, it is subject to administrative sanction. According to our Penal Code, its cultivation, trafficking and illicit possession are prohibited as crimes (cultivation will not be punished when it is for self-consumption or it is an industrial hemp crop, and in any case, possession or consumption will be administratively sanctioned when it is carried out in public spaces, even if it is for self-consumption), all this leads to an unfair and unnecessary remediable situation of legal uncertainty, the result of an outdated and unclear regulation.

As it is a prohibited plant, its commercialization has been carried out without any control by the State, for this reason, and given the social reality in which we find ourselves (approximately 35% of the Spanish population has consumed or consumes cannabis) , the need arises to implement legislation aimed at its legalization or regulation, which would affect the country's economy in a very positive way, new jobs would be created and there would be a higher tax collection, product of an active and legally secure market, related to cannabis.

From BROTSANBERT we maintain a very clear position on this #REGULACIÓNYA , but a regulation that puts the benefit of the users #PRIMEROLASPERSONAS at the center.

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