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Labor law

We can define labor law as the set of rules that regulate the relationship between the workers and employers and other work circumstances, whatever they may be.

Occupational accidents or work accidents, are our main specialty, processing the claim of all the different compensations and benefits arising from the accident. Including compensation for civil or criminal liability of the employer, compensation stipulated in collective agreements, processing of benefits that can be derived by the damages caused by the accident, such as temporary or permanent incapacities, as well as the processing of the increase of these benefits when the accident is the consequence of a breach of the employer. We also cover monitoring of the medical assistance provided during the medical leave and follow-up medical absences and return to work after the accident. We also investigate how many actions are necessary before public bodies such as Labor Inspection, Mining Inspection, Social Security, etc. All this whilst dealing directly with the client, analyzing each one of the new procedures that We work with the greatest possible rigor, with the intention of facilitating the procedures, making them as transparent as possible so that the client is fully aware of his or her case at each step of the procedure.

Another area, in which we have great experience, is the processing of benefits  before the State, especially, as it is the most problematic with the Administration. The processing of permanent disability benefits with the collaboration of medical specialists, with great experience in this type of procedure. We advise, control and manage every step necessary to obtain any type of benefit, such as retirement, maternity / paternity, unemployment (contributory benefit and subsidy), death and survival benefits, etc.

In addition, we also have a great practice in litigation arising during the employment relationship with the company, such as dismissals or financial claims (wages, extra pay, economic compensation for vacations, overtime, etc.), leave, work permits, claims of rights and any problems wich arise with the employer during the life of the employment relationship or once it has ended. We manage the total of all these matters from the beginning to the end.


Surely we can help you, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists in labor law will study your case to give you the clearest answer in relation to your problem, the different solution alternatives according to your specific circumstances and what is the best way to proceed. Twenty years of experience support us in the defense of the rights of workers in proceedings before the social jurisdiction and we have a labor law graduate among the members of our team.