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Companies and Entrepreneurs

The cannabis sector is booming, the unstoppable legalization of its medicinal and recreational use, mainly in Canada and the United States, but with increasing therapeutic use in the European Union, from Italy to Portugal and Germany, as well as expectations of imminent regulation of cannabis in Spain, according to the current social reality, are high, which is favoring many entrepreneurs and companies to focus on the cannabis sector, since it is a high potential industry, at an incipient moment, circumstances that invite you to participate in the business.

Numerous reports coincide in the large global figures for the legal cannabis market, putting the volume that the industry could reach in 2025 at around 150 billion US dollars. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 34.6%..


Annual growth rate


Opening a legal cannabis-related business in Spain is possible, although difficult. There are many obstacles and difficulties, with unclear legislation and that leaves many issues in the air that make it difficult for the entrepreneur, whether he is an industrial hemp grower or for medicinal purposes, or start a business selling derivatives. hemp with CBD, for example.

Hence, the importance of having the advice of a team of experts. At Brotsanbert we have a long history of advising companies in the cannabis sector, specifically companies dedicated to industrial hemp, cannabis seeds and obtaining psychoactive cannabis cultivation licenses. In these areas we have continuous advice from agronomists, biologists and chemists specialized in cannabis.

From the first step

We have everything necessary to make entrepreneurship in the cannabis sector feasible and safe:

Opening licenses

Cultivation licenses

Fiscal advice

Sale of products

Seed banks

Brand development

Industrial hemp


In the framework of comprehensive advice regarding the business of industrial hemp, we offer a specialized, reliable and effective service in the criminal field due to many years of experience as criminal lawyers. We are continuoustly updating and improving the protection of any activity related to industrial hemp.

Our services in the criminal field are necessary and useful for any individual or legal entity that is related in some way to industrial hemp. Whether you work in the production, processing, distribution or sale, it is essential to prepare a plan focused on the prevention of any criminal behavior. We offer the assurance of an effective defense for 24 hours 365 days a year.

Specifically, the services we offer are the preparation of compliance plans for the prevention of crimes in business, as well as a specialized defense focused on the legality of industrial hemp. This should be left out of the scope of prosecution of the Criminal Code and of the narcotics and psychotropic control conventions.


It is a legal requirement for any company.

Neutralizes the risk of condemnation of the legal entity.

It accredits the legality of industrial hemp and its derivatives.

Prevents failures in the product during its entire cycle.

Protects the group from negligent behaviors of any individuality.

Help in the legal defense of industrial hemp cases.



Comprehensive help

We help you start and record your business, supporting you in all aspects, from legal advice to communication development.


Great professionals

We collaborate with agricultural engineers, crop advisory companies and international technological development companies specialized in the sector to help you on your journey.

Profesional team