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Civil law

What is it?

Civil law is the set of legal norms and principles that regulate personal or patrimonial relationships between private individuals, both physical and legal. It can also be defined, in general terms, as the norms and principles that regulate the most common relationships of people’s lives.

At BROTSANBERT we offer advice and legal assistance for:

Family and matrimonial procedures (separation, annulment, divorce, filiation, guardianship, matrimonial economic regime ...).

Urban leases and common hold property, such as, for example, housing leases and business premises.

Consumer law: claims to airline or telephone companies, abusive clauses, infractions of the basic rights of consumers, delinquency records, claim for expenses of constitution of the mortgage, floor clause and IRPH ...

Contract and non-contractual liability claims.

Payment processes, reclaims, claims and compensation.

Traffic accidents.