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Cannabis and Cannabis Law

Penal Advice


In the framework of comprehensive advice regarding the business of industrial hemp, we offer a specialized, reliable and effective service in the criminal field due to many years of experience as criminal lawyers. We are continuoustly updating and improving the protection of any activity related to industrial hemp.

Our services in the criminal field are necessary and useful for any individual or legal entity that is related in some way to industrial hemp. Whether you work in the production, processing, distribution or sale, it is essential to prepare a plan focused on the prevention of any criminal behavior. We offer the assurance of an effective defense for 24 hours 365 days a year.

Specifically, the services we offer are the preparation of compliance plans for the prevention of crimes in business, as well as a specialized defense focused on the legality of industrial hemp. This should be left out of the scope of prosecution of the Criminal Code and of the narcotics and psychotropic control conventions.


It is a legal requirement for any company.

Neutralizes the risk of condemnation of the legal entity.

It accredits the legality of industrial hemp and its derivatives.

Prevents failures in the product during its entire cycle.

Protects the group from negligent behaviors of any individuality.

Help in the legal defense of industrial hemp cases.

Administrative regime

International Commercial Law

At Brotsanbert we specialize in everything related to the cannabis industry. For twenty years we have been advising many of the companies that have established themselves around the cannabis plant. Grow shops, seed banks, companies that grow industrial hemp, producers of CBD or companies that want to apply for a license to produce psychoactive cannabis for therapeutic purposes, will receive professional advice based on law to start a new business minimizing the risks derived from the lack of a clear and exhaustive regulation of these activities.

In addition, we have international experience in the sector; we know how companies in countries or states that have regulated cannabis for therapeutic or recreational purposes are evolving; and, we know very well the needs of a flourishing industry with great potential for expansion throughout the world.

For years now, we have been working on action protocols that allow companies to work with total transparency and normalcy in a sector that is ahead of the approval by lawmakers of a regulation that offers security and dignity to companies that operate in this sector market.

We must also take into account the constant and rapid evolution of this market, since these types of companies are not only those that are or will be affected around the cannabis industry. The objective of regulation is to recognize the freedom of users and protect their health and safety, therefore, these are the last two fields that will be strengthened by the sector. At Brotsanbert we have experience in advising companies that analyze substances or any other sector whose objective is to protect the health and safety of consumers.

Therefore, if you belong to a company in the sector or are interested in starting a business around the cannabis plant, you can get in touch with us to receive the most professional advice, with the most up-to-date information and with the confidence of being advised. by a team of lawyers with a lot of experience and diligence in a sector that is expanding more and more in Spain.


International commercial law is the right that governs commercial relations that take place or that produce effects outside the territorial scope of a State. In this area we work with companies whose main headquarters are in our territory and that operate abroad, as well as with those companies that intend to operate here and that are located in other countries.

In this type of business it is of vital importance to get prior advice to carry out the activity, as well as a continuous advisory relationship to avoid future problems. In this sense, we work so that all actions of these companies are framed within the legal parameters in everything related to international contracts, international sale, intellectual and industrial property and the resolution of international commercial disputes.

For an optimal provision of our service we have collaborating offices in several countries in Europe, as well as in the United States and Latin America, which know the social and legal reality of those countries and with whom we work on issues together.