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BrotSanBert team

Héctor Brotons Albert

Legal Study Manager

Degree in Law from the University of Alicante and lawyer in the Illustrious Association of Lawyers of Alicante since 2.003. He also attended the School of Legal Practice at the ICALI in the year 2004. He is currently the director of the BROTSANBERT Law Firm.

Specialist in criminal law and labor law, especially in public health procedures, work accidents, claims for damages, advisor to companies in the cannabis sector and reform of cannabis policies. Expert in the defense of self-cultivators and self-consumption organization associations. He is also legal advisor to the ConFAC (Confederation of Cannabis Associations Federations), spokesman of the European Observatory of Cannabis Consumption and Cultivation (OECCC), membre of Forum Cannàbic Valencià i de l’Associació FesHobe.


He has participated in the writing of three books: Recursos al Tribunal Constitucional de los Clubes Sociales de Cannabis. Ed. Regulación Responsable, 2016; Las Sendas de la Regulación del cannabis en España. Ed. Bellaterra, 2016; and in the book Investigación sobre cannabis, ¿Que dicen los estudios científicos?. Ed. Concello de Catoira. The last book in which he has participated with the OECCC: Autocultivo y uso de cannabis en España, Ed. Letrame, 2019.

He has carried out technical advisory work in obtaining licenses for cultivation, genetic research and production of medicinal cannabis. And advises institutions and political parties in the design of public policies and drafting laws regarding cannabis, as well as advice to the media.

The past month of March of 2019 was present in the last edition of the CND (Commission of narcotic drugs) celebrated in Vienna.

Esther C. Sánchez Sánchez

Manager at the Alicante Headquarters

Esther C. Sánchez Sánchez has a degree in Law from the University of Alicante, lawyer and director of the BROTSANBERT Law Firm at its headquarters in Alicante and adviser to the European Observatory for the Consumption and Cultivation of Cannabis. In addition, she is a collaborating lawyer of REMA (State Network of Antiprohibitionist Women in the Field of Drugs), Forum Cannàbic Valencià, and of different Cannabis Associations distributed throughout the national territory.

She is specialized in Criminal Law and has extensive experience, over fifteen years, in the defense of all types of issues and more specifically in crimes against Public Health, defending cases related to all types of narcotic substances, particularly those cases related to cannabis. They have a large number of positive results in all instances, with acquittals in proceedings in which accused persons, of the so-called crime of drug trafficking, have not been sentenced to imprisonment or the payment of any fine.


It is also specialized in Administrative Law, showing the defense of users and consumers of cannabis before the different Public Administrations and Administrative Litigation Courts, both for economic sanctions imposed for possession and consumption of drugs on public roads, as well as for fines related to evidence of drug detection (drogotest).

She has a long career in counseling and defense, both criminal and administrative, of a large number of cannabis associations, as well as its members. From his professional beginnings he collaborates actively in different specialized magazines in the cannabis sector, treating the subject from different perspectives that go from the writing of articles on the matter, to the resolution of doubts and legal consultations raised by his users. For more than fifteen years, this professional activity has been compatible with the participation in talks, debates and presentations on the legal aspects of cannabis in different media, forums, festivals and cannabis fairs.

Joan Bertomeu i Castelló

Manager at the Valencia Headquarters

Law degree from the University of València, graduate in Criminology from the same university and practicing at the Bar Association of Valencia. He is a specialist in criminal law, specifically, in the field of public health and penitentiary law. He is an expert in advising new commercial trends in the cannabis sector. Likewise, he works as an advisor in drug policies, both at the level of public policy and in the field of associationism. In the social sphere, he collaborates with entities and groups in the defense of civil rights and liberties.

Andreu Moreno i Tarín

Manager at the Valencia Headquarters

Degree in Law from the University of València, Master in Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice from the Human Rights Institute of Valencia and practicing lawyer at the Bar Association of Valencia. He is a specialist in criminal law, especially in crimes related to public health and drugs and in the protection of fundamental rights, for individual, collective and social organizations. He also works as a public policy advisor for drugs and is an associate professor at the Criminal Law Department of the University of Valencia.

J. Ángel Brotons Albert

Social graduate, Diploma in Labor Relations from the University of Alicante in 2002. Specialized in issues related to Labor Law, specifically labor accident rate. He is also responsible for the fines and penalties for possession of the BROTSANBERT Law Firm. He has presented appeals in the High Courts and won important cases on behalf of BrotSanBert.

María Monzó

Graduated in Law and Business Administration and Management from the University of Alicante. Enabling Course of Approach to Legal French and Master in Law. Collegiate nº 8564 by the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Alicante. He works on topics related to Criminal Law, as well as Administrative Law, in its Immigration aspect; and Civil Law, specifically in Family, Succession and Property processes.

Alejandro Amorós Sánchez

Graduated in Political Science and Administration from the Miguel Hernández de Elche University in 2009 and in Law in 2012 from the same university. Completed Master's Degree in Law in 2015 at the University of Alicante-ICALI. He has been with the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Alicante since 2013. Specialized in Administrative Law, he is responsible for the area of ​​associations, appeals for fines and penalties, and claims for patrimonial liability of the administration.

Fco. Azorín Ortega

Degree in Law from the University of Murcia in 2011 and Master’s degree in Law in 2016. Final Master’s operation of Cannabis Social Clubs and affected fundamental rights. Member of the Bar Association of Murcia since 2011. He works on issues related to Criminal Law, specifically matters related to public health. He writes periodic articles in magazines of the cannabis sector and is coauthor of the book: Autocultivo y uso de cannabis en España. Ed. Letrame, 2019. He is an expert in international drug law. He attended 61st Comission on Narcotic Drugs in Viena in 2018.

Gemma Cárcel Martínez

Graduated in Law from the University of Valencia in 2016 and Master in Law in 2019. Associate number 19,011 in the Illustrious College of Lawyers of Valencia. Civil and Criminal Mediator registered in the Registry of the Ministry of Justice. He works in the field of Criminal Law and in areas of volunteerism in guarantee of Human Rights.

Tania Rosas Monzó

Studied secretarial work in 2003 and has been part of the BROTSANBERT team since the year 2012. Responsible for customer service, responsible for administrative management, accounting and billing of the Law Firm.

Alfonso Riera Andrés

Graduated in Law from the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, Alicante, in 2007. Master in Taxation and Internationalization of the Company and Taxpayer Advice and Defense. Specialist in the framework of Company Law.

Inma Brotons Albert

Has been part of the BROTSANBERT team since the year 2012. Responsible for customer service, management of administrative fines. Public management, event organization and marketing.