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At Brotsanbert we have a large team of lawyers with a high degree of specialization in crimes against public health, especially those related to cannabis, and a wide and extensive professional experience in defending the interests of associations and clubs.

More than 15 years of experience in the defense of collective self-cultivation, with around 85% acquittals on these specific issues, which has made us contribute to the development of a jurisprudence on the annual collection of cannabis for self-consumption.

Criminal defense


Risks prevention

The cannabis associations, are especially relevant when sick people come to them who know that cannabis could be beneficial for their pathology, ailment, or disease, but do not know how, or when, or how to consume it, thus fulfilling these associations, An important social work, promoting projects oriented to the knowledge of the properties and medicinal uses of cannabis and its derivatives, always under the principle of responsibility.

In Spain there are more than 200,000 users of medicinal cannabis. The range of diseases treated with cannabis ranges from chronic pain with various origins to chronic inflammatory diseases, from neurological disorders to diseases associated with loss of appetite or nausea, from psychiatric conditions to many other pathological conditions.

For years, we have implemented compliance plans and action protocols for more than 250 cannabis associations and cannabis social clubs throughout Spain.