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Appealing Fines


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Submission of documentation


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How to appeal your fines Online

The experience and the thousands of sanctions resorted from the BROTSANBERT Law Firm allow us to offer, from the rigor and professionalism, a mechanized system of sanctions resources for possession and / or consumption of cannabis or other substances in the public road or by driving under the effects of the same, in addition to an integral service for resources of fines for all users of cannabis and other substances.


1º- Registration and contact information

To start a resource you must complete the registration form if it is the first time you are going to proceed to appeal a fine online from our application. Once registered, log in and you will find a panel called `` my cases`` where you can manage all your resources.

2º- Describe your case

From the `` my cases`` section, you can open a new case to start the resource. You only have to fill in the fields of the form where you can tell us in detail your case and choose among the services we offer, such as: Appealing fines, drogotest and annual contract. Once you have sent the case and made the payment, we will start working immediately.

3rd - Submission of documentation

For each resource you make, you may send us the necessary or required documentation to proceed with the resolution of your case in a confidential and secure manner. You must attach the sanction and above all take into account the date of the complaint.

4º- We will inform you of the resolution

Once formalize the realization of the resource, we will take care of the rest, you will not have a nuisance until the appeal is resolved, we modify the address for the purposes of notifications and any notification regarding your fine will reach our office, we will only return to get in touch with you, foreseeably past even more than a year, to communicate the result achieved, which we hope will be, the annulment of the sanction.


The first question to be resolved is to know when the procedure starts, that is, when the period for submitting arguments begins. The procedure starts on the date you receive the certificated letter. Whether at home or at the post office, we have 15 business days from date of receipt to reduce or present the appropriate allegations.

Upon receipt of the initiation agreement, we have three options:

1.- To pay the amount of the subsidized sanction at 50% (i.e. half the amount indicated in the sanction) and to waive the presentation of allegations.
2.- Present our allegations in the initiation agreement, taking into account the importance of the date of notification of the initiation agreement to be able to present allegations in the correct timeframe.
3.- Reduced payment, and resorting directly to the contentious-administrative procedure within two months of the payment of the subsidized amount of the sanction. (In this case giving up the right to present allegations)

The fees for appealing to the sanction in the administrative channel amount to €65 (VAT included). For members of associations that collaborate with our office the fees will be €50 (VAT included).
The fees for appealing to the court, using the contentious-administrative procedure, are €120 (VAT included) for the members of the collaborating associations and therapeutic users and €150 (VAT included) for the rest.

*The established prices are for fines up to €1400, if the fine is higher then please getintouch with the Legal Office.

* Users who can opt for discounted payment must do so via bank transfer.


It is important to wait for a notification letter, this letter will confirm the positive presence of cannabis in the body. It is essential to note the date of receipt of that letter. From that day we have 20 calendar days (Sundays and holidays included) to make the decision that we consider most appropriate.

As you know, the penalty is €1000 and the withdrawal of 6 points from the driving license, and the options are as follows:

• Reduced payment of €500 in the first 20 days from notification of the confirmation of the sanction. This means losing 6 points and waiving recourse through administrative channels, there being the possibility in that case of recourse to the contentious-administrative procedure within two months of paying the sanction with a 50% reduction.

• Appeal the penalty, and you must indicate, in any case, the date of notification.

The price of the service will be €242 (VAT included).

The price for appealing must be quoted directly by calling the Legal Department at 966 966 036.


For an annual fee of €75 (VAT included) we will represent you in all administrative-sanctioning procedures for infringement of the Citizen Security Law (possession or consumption on public roads) and the Traffic Law (for driving with the presence of cannabis in the body)

Within this contract we will process all the allegations and appeals in the clients name wich should be processed through administrative channels for infraction of articles 36, paragraph 16, 17. 18 and 19 of the Organic Law 4/2015, of March 30, of protection of citizen security (tenure) and article 14.1 of the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety (drogotest).

This contract will be annual in all cases, and will take effect on the day in which the amount of the is paid into the bank account provided.

Sanctions that have been notified to the sanctioned party prior to the payment of the agreed fees in the bank account, that is, prior to the entry into force of this contract, will not be appealed.